Park View City Islamabad

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State of the art facilities for better and luxurious living

Park View City Islamabad is located in beautiful hilly area surrounded by Botanical Garden with serene views. A place for you to enjoy beautiful sunsets and feel the first rays of sun. Our main entrance is from Rawal Chowk side and our gate 2 can give you access from Bhara Kahu. The ideal location of Park View City gives you access to urban and natural lifestyle.​

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CDA Approved

Park View City is the only society with NOC in Zone IV of Islamabad. One more reason to enjoy the natural beauty and vast landscape of hilly zone IV Islamabad.

Underground Electricity System

Keeping the safety of our valued customers and avoid any nuances our electrical supply lines will be all underground so that you can enjoy the natural environment of our society.

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Dubai Based Shopping Mall with a beautiful lake

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A Dubai based downtown with a beautiful lake in the middle makes a perfect spot. A hub of beautiful commercial and landmarks.

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We are here to take care of you. Park View City will have dedicated hospitals to provide you quality healthcare services

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Park View City Islamabad will have some very renown schools. Our mission is to provide quality education with easy accessibility to your kids.

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Enjoy a tour of most magnificent animals in park view zoo. Educate your kids about animal kingdom and give them an experience of lifetime.

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Enjoy a unique and be the first to experience this visual marvel in Park View City. You will enjoy High definition movies in our very first IMAX in Islamabad. Now enjoy multi-dimensional movies at Park View City