Capital Smart City

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Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad intends to set a touch of smart living that offers unmatched luxury lifestyle with the added perks of modern day that cater manifold aspects of an ideally Apotekcialis com constructed community. we fully understand what the people need in smart residence in the contemporary living .They dream of a place that consummately accommodates to the needs and wishes of any person envisioning a peaceful family and social life.Hence , Capital Smart City Islamabad is predicted to be all of this and much more in residential zone.

Among the numerous residential projects that have been happening in Pakistan, the Capital Smart City (or CSCI) project is a unique one. There is none like it. It is bound to be the first smart city in Pakistan, and it will be the fourth of its kind in all of Asia. The smart features работа в москве it has and its futuristic grade eight development have made it a much-talked-about housing scheme. One interesting fact about this residential scheme is that it is going to be a self-sustaining eco-friendly Smart City. It has other salient features that ensure the convenience of the residents. Investing in this project is a wise decision especially for those who want to raise a family.

Hence , Capital Smart City Islamabad is predicted to be all of this and much more in residential zone.Capital Smart City Islamabad Farm Houses, Capital Smart City Islamababad theme parks, Capital Smart City Islamababad Grand Jamia Masjid, Capital Smart City Islamababad Banquet Halls,Capital Smart City Islamababad Financial Squares are some of its salient features with the added bounties of providing all-inclusiive smart facilities to the inhabitants.with the  Capital Smart City Islamababad 14-lane central boulevard.The Capital Smart City Islamababad is Planned to encompass the amenities displayed in next pages.

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Welcome to the Smart Villas, an Avant-Garde project of Capital Smart City, that’s just a few minutes drive from the new Islamabad International Airport.

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5 Marla Villa

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12 Marla Villa

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7 Marla Villa

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1 Kanal Villa

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10 Marla Villa

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2 Kanal Villa


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Fiber cable connectivity to every house. office and building, This integrated network will provide Internet, Telephone and TV.

Water Management
Water usage, water PH and water purity sensors will be installed to monitor the quality of water.

Smart City Wallet
A Virtual wallet which will be connected to all payment gateways so that residents don’t have to carry cash within the city.

Energy Management
Energy analytic to predict electricity bill and to save electricity with the help of machine learning & Artificial Intelligence. Save upto 30% of electricity bill.

Intelligent Buildings
State-of-the-art buildings equipped with the real time monitoring of utilities like electricity, water and natural gas.

IP Surveillance
24/7 Blanket Surveillance System through ANPR and alerts generation to ensure security.


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